My partner (Aaron) and I (Stacey) have always wanted to start our own little business together. But between renovating our home and working full-time we could never find the opportunity. In the midst of the 2020 pandemic, we found ourselves unemployed and pregnant with our son Zachary. 

In preparation for his arrival I wanted to fill his nursery with beautiful gender neutral decor (as we didn't know the gender). Between the two of us we designed and made an accordion peg rack and a swing shelf for Zachary's nursery. After receiving interest from our family and friends regarding our homemade decor, we decided to put our workshop at the end of the garden to good use. In May 2020 at 6 months pregnant, Aaron and I established Pine + Pear co. 

We love our products being a small part of your home, and we hope you love them too!